• Best program I’ve ever implemented

    Kelli Korn, School Social Worker, Hope Online

    “I love the WhyTry Program, it’s the best program I’ve ever implemented at the school. I can really see the difference in the students. The journals brought everything together.”

  • It’s positive for the kids and for the staff

    Chris Brannon, P.E. Teacher, Chief Leschi High School

    “We’re finding that the metaphors really connect with kids, once you start talking about them and show them some of the visuals. We’re finding it’s really positive for the kids and for the staff.”

  • They all started sharing

    Sara Galdikas, High School Social Worker, Naperville High

    “When one person started sharing, another person would share her story about being in the loop, and then other students would come out and say, ‘Well this is what you need to do. A couple of girls actually brought in their own CDs of songs that reminded them of their own Reality Ride.’

  • I loved the WhyTry training

    Karyn Messler – High school teacher

    “I LOVED the WhyTry training. I came back to my school with so many valuable lessons, tools, and information. I have already implemented several activities in my class and shared an activity with my colleagues in a staff inservice day. Thanks again for the wonderful training!”

  • One of the most powerful keynotes

    Darrell Scott – Founder, Rachel’s Challenge

    “A few years ago, I heard one of the most powerful keynotes I’ve ever heard in my life from a group called WhyTry. We not only have incorporated WhyTry in our national summits every year, but I would recommend that every conference across America have WhyTry as their keynote presentation.”

  • It drove me closer to my goals

    Cory Kunicky, School Counselor, Pennsylvania

    “I watched my kindergarteners just absorb the material and light up with enthusiasm! My third graders adapted in a totally different way but again, with the same enthusiasm. It is a program I will believe in for the rest of my career. I truly believe it guided me down a professional path that just drove me closer to my goals...such an inspirational and successful program.”

  • Our graduation rate has tripled

    Regina Awtry – Principal, Avalon School

    “Since incorporating WhyTry, our graduation rate has tripled, our state scores on California Star Tests have gone up, we also nationally with No Child Left Behind our AYP has gone up, and our API scores – that’s our annual index of performance has gone up double digits in all four years. We had a 60-point gain this year. Part of it is because we have a great staff who really believe in our kids, and we have tools like WhyTry to motivate our kids and to help build resiliency in them and motivate them to have goals. ”